Tokyo Olympics Health Experts Urge Rethinking for Covid 19 Pandemic

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Tokyo Olympics officials have been urged to rethink the delivery of healthcare services at the 2020 Games after a series of failures in the first week of the event. The Japanese government has ordered an urgent review of the system after the main contractor failed to provide enough doctors, forcing the authorities to deploy hundreds of army personnel and create ad hoc clinics to try and cope with the crisis. Healthcare in the Olympic host nation has become a major political issue, with the ruling Liberal Democratic party facing a challenge from the opposition over its handling of the event. The system has been plagued by long queues, and some athletes have been forced to wait for hours for treatment.

Tokyo’s Olympics are just over a year away, and health experts are urging a rethink of the giant sporting event. A far-reaching review has raised troubling questions; the background is a long, slow-burning crisis of health in Japan. The scene is different from the first time Tokyo hosted the Olympics, in 1964. Back then, Japan was a rising economic superpower and the Olympics were a coming-out party for the new Japan.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics were held, but health experts are urging the Japanese government to rethink its current approach to the Games. For the first time in history, the Japanese government has decided not to distribute Covid vaccines to the public. The decision has sparked a national debate about how best to protect the public from Covid at a time when the virus is causing the most deaths in Japan in years. Covid vaccines are the most effective way to protect against Covid 19, but they are not without risk, particularly for pregnant women and their unborn children.

Tokyo has been a magnet for athletes, but for health officials it has been a nightmare. The world’s biggest sporting event has been a platform for spreading microbes, viruses and infectious diseases. It has also been a reminder of how much more is needed to improve public health in a nation that has seen a rise in lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes. The most visible warning came from the pools, where athletes were warned to stay away from the water after a spate of illnesses.

Tokyo Olympics organizers say they’re powerless to address the escalating air pollution crisis in the host city. Health experts say they should rethink. The Games have been plagued by smog so dense that the closing ceremonies had to be postponed, with the world’s largest metropolitan area shutting down as a result. While organizers and the Japanese government have insisted that they can’t do anything to mitigate the crisis, health experts say they should be doing more to alert the public to the risks of breathing dirty air and to reduce the pollution levels.

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