Tyler Mental Health In Lafayette LA

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Teyler Mental Health Rehabilitation Center

Tyler Mental Health Rehabilitation is a mental health rehabilitation facility in Lafayette, LA. It provides treatment for substance-use disorders, severe and persistent mental illness, and co-occurring mental health and substance-use disorders.

Tyler Mental Health, Lafayette, Louisiana is a non-profit agency providing services to residents of Lafayette and surrounding areas. Services include individual and group therapy, medication assistance, and much more. Services range from $10-$25/session.

About Dr Joseph Henry Tyler Jr.

Dr Tyler is a Licensed Consultant Psychiatrist. He is also a Board Certified Neuropsychiatry Specialist. He has been treating patients for over 40 years.

Physical Address. 302 Dulles Dr. Lafayette, LA 70506. Contact Information. 337.262.5870.

Email: info@tylermentalhealthcare.org.

Website: https://ldh.la.gov

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